CD5 Coalition of Homeowner Associations LA City Attorney Candidate Forum

In Campaign Events, City Policy, Videos on January 19, 2009 at 9:59 pm

Early January 2009, the folks of the  Coalition of Homeowner Associations – Council District 5 held  a Los Angeles City Attorney candidates forum.

The Coalition has posted the video of this candidates forum on YouTube. To ensure that these videos reach the widest audience possible, these videos are featured here, in their entirety

Noel has decided to include all the questions and all the candidates that were a part of this forum so that you can fully research your choices in this important race for LA City Attorney.

This is the type of transparency and openness that Noel will continue if elected Los Angeles City Attorney.

In the videos below, Noel is on the far right of the screen, as indicated in the picture below:

YouTube Intro


Upon election, the first 3 changes that would be instituted

Click on the red box below to see Noel’s response to each question that was asked at the candidate forum.

Who is the primary client of the City Attorney – The People or City Officials?

Position on Saunders vs Los Angeles


Neighborhood Plans

Determination Letters



Criminal Charges Against Billboard Companies Who Don’t Comply With The Law

Ordinance Enforcement

SB1818 – Density Bonus Projects

Neighborhood Prosecutors

Role of City Attorney’s Office In Providing Legal Council To Neighborhood Councils

Alien Gang Members

Attorney Client Privilege Between City Attorney & Other City Departments

Rulings At Hearings


(Override Of Variance Process To Re-zone A Parcel Of Property)

Environmental Impact Review’s (aka EIR)

El Sereno Housing Tract Project

Spending Tax Dollars

Winning The Election

Role of CD5 Voters In Determining LA City Attorney Race


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