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A Better Way to Govern LA

You’ve already read that there is nothing wrong with Los Angeles that a good election can’t cure. Those of you who care about preserving the middle class of this City, or about affordable housing, or traffic, or the character and scale of your neighborhoods, or noise pollution, or mindless billboard proliferation or gangs or crime MUST show up and vote in this election.

Here’s a TIP: Verify your polling place. Some polling places are different from November’s presidential election. Your polling place is printed on the back cover of your Official Sample Ballot. Or look it up online at: http://www.lavote.net/LOCATOR/. (Note Also: parking rules will be relaxed on Tuesday within one block of the polls. No money needed for the meter.)

The office of City Attorney is the linchpin of the system. The person who occupies that office has the political legitimacy to directly impact every single aspect of our lives. Nothing happens in this City unless and until the City Attorney weighs in. It is the City Attorney who not only drafts the laws, but ensures their enforcement. The social contract between the people and their government has been breached. The large gap between promise and performance must be narrowed.

My vision is to make the City Attorney’s office into the premier public service law firm in the nation. We will partner with the other Cities to develop a comprehensive gang enforcement strategy; the City Attorney’s office will work closely with our diverse communities in creative ways to ensure that safety does not just mean suppression, but pro-active intervention and prevention programs for kids in elementary and middle schools (including programs which teach kids about the law and their responsibilities under the law).

Neighborhood Councils will be empowered as never before so they can fulfill their mission and potential. Sound legal advice will be given publicly to the people and to the Council with closed door secret sessions limited. There will be no sweetheart deals with billboard companies or any other special interest done behind closed doors. I will ensure that the City Attorney acts as an effective check and balance on any abuses of power by the Mayor or Council. I will work with the Controller to ensure that performance audits are undertaken. As City Attorney I would make sure that City agencies work together to accomplish broader City policies. I will work to ensure complete and thorough openness in government so that in the end, we get a City Government which reflects and implements our core social values and operates smoother, more efficiently, and more effectively.

The Los Angeles Times described me as possessing “…a much-needed passion and ability to advocate for average Angelenos against the machinations of City Hall.” No other candidate for this office has been able to accomplish what I have accomplished for the citizens of this City during the last 3 years; that includes working for both tenants AND homeowners. The next City Attorney must make the system work for the people, and I intend to do just that.

It is time to bring the disempowered elements of the City together. We need decisiveness over division; innovation over inaction or indifference; commitment and courage over confusion. We need to be strategic, not static and replace apathy with energy and enthusiasm for what we can accomplish together. It is time the City became our ally not our adversary and that the public had a real seat at the table, along with the special interests and political interests of the Councilmembers.

Here are 10 Things I will do as City Attorney to improve the Office:

1. Hire the best and most experienced criminal prosecutor to run the Criminal Division;

2. Enhance and expand the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program;

3. Drastically reduce the monies expended on outside Counsel;

4. Assign Deputy City Attorneys to Neighborhood Councils and to City Council Offices on a permanent basis;

5. Publish City Attorney Opinions on important land use and other issues on a regular basis;

5. Release my schedule on a bi-monthly basis;

6. Change the City Attorney Website to make it more user friendly and make it a true clearing house of ideas;

7. Lead a Citywide City Attorney Task Force and meet weekly with citizens of each district to identify challenges;

8. Ensure that the City Council respects the public during public comment by listening when the public speaks;

9. Publish a yearly comprehensive year-end review of the Office’s financial operations and service performance;

10. Challenge each attorney in the office to reach their full potential so that office morale will rise and the City Attorney’s office will become the premier public policy law firm in the nation.

Please join me now by voting for me this Tuesday, and persuading 3 other people to vote for me. Help get the vote out on Election Day!

Thank you for your ideas and your good wishes, and for giving me the opportunity to earn your vote. I believe the voter turnout is going to surprise the pundits and those who want to talk down the vote. The people are going to speak loudly in this election and it’s going to be great!

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