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The Density Bonus & Developer Incentives Ordinance

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Bill Rosendahl Speaks Out Against The Ordinance
Video from 2/12/2008 council meeting. 


The Public Speaks, Pt I
Video from 2/12/2008 council meeting.


 The Public Speaks, Pt II
Video from 2/12/2008 council meeting.

This is a lousy ordinance that:

  • Destroys the character and scale of our neighborhoods, by giving developers the financial incentive to demolish in order to get increases in number of units, height, and footprint (Floor Area Ratio);
  • Reduces affordable housing and rental housing (rent-stabilized buildings are being replaced by massive upscale condo towers and mixed-use projects);
  • Creates parking nightmares (there is a “free” parking incentive that is given to all projects that qualify for density bonuses);
  • The City destroys California’s desire to create both low income and “moderate” income units, because if a developer includes moderate income units, the City will give the developer TRIPLE the density bonus required by state law (a 15% density bonus, instead of a 5% density bonus) !

Noel on News RAW

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Earlier in the week NBC 4 Los Angeles invited me to come in and discuss my candidacy for Los Angeles City Attorney.

Wanna watch the video? Just click on the picture below (please note that you will be re-directed to their site)!


Thank you to NBC 4 for this opportunity.

Noel On The Issues

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SB1818 – Density Bonus & Developer Incentives Law
Passed By City Council

El Sereno Housing Tract Project


The People or City Officials?

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Noel Weiss Poster 4

LA City Attorneys Association Candidate Forum

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(Image courtesy of Joe Grantz under Creative Commons License)

(Image courtesy of Joe Grantz under Creative Commons License)

On Tuesday, the L.A. City Attorneys Association held a candidate forum. The group was very gracious to invite me to participate, and I really enjoyed discussing my views regarding the the Office of the City Attorney.  Prior to the candidates form, participants were asked to provide answers to 5 questions in advance. My answers are posted below.

The link to the video can be found here.

1. What are the major initiatives that you want to implement once elected to our office?

I want to redefine the office. The model which has most impressed me is that of the Oakland City Attorney. My core beliefs are (a) in the power of ideas, (b) in the power of the people, and (c) that the goal should at all times be to get the right result, for the right reason, in the right way. I believe in bottom-up governance, not top-down; and I believe in taking steps to ensure that the people have a seat at the table along side the special interests. I don’t believe the City Attorney’s office should ever run political interference for any council member. The City Attorney is independently elected Citywide and has a legitimate political consensus of his or her own which is just as legitimate as that of any Council member. The City Attorney’s office should be the focus for new and exciting ideas and approaches so that the system can better work for the people. I believe we are entering into a new political era – one of ‘practical, progressive politics’. Accordingly, my overriding governance philosophy will be to filter any new program, idea, or approach through the following criteria:

Programs and policies must be (1) Practical, (2) Pro-active, (3) Positive, (4) Progressive, and (5) Principled.

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CD5 Coalition of Homeowner Associations LA City Attorney Candidate Forum

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Early January 2009, the folks of the  Coalition of Homeowner Associations – Council District 5 held  a Los Angeles City Attorney candidates forum.

The Coalition has posted the video of this candidates forum on YouTube. To ensure that these videos reach the widest audience possible, these videos are featured here, in their entirety

Noel has decided to include all the questions and all the candidates that were a part of this forum so that you can fully research your choices in this important race for LA City Attorney.

This is the type of transparency and openness that Noel will continue if elected Los Angeles City Attorney.

In the videos below, Noel is on the far right of the screen, as indicated in the picture below:

YouTube Intro


Upon election, the first 3 changes that would be instituted

Click on the red box below to see Noel’s response to each question that was asked at the candidate forum.

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