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Since 1986, Noel Weiss has fought for common citizens in the cause of public advocacy with a public interest heart and a pragmatic mind.

Noel graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Business Administration from UC Berkeley in 1973. While there, he drafted and was instrumental in securing passage of the first law sponsored by the UC Student Lobby (now the UC Students Assoc.), a lobbying organization he helped found to give UC students a voice in the State Legislature.

Noel earned his law doctorate from Loyola University of Los Angeles in 1976 and was admitted to the California Bar the same year. He has practiced real estate, corporate, and environmental law in Los Angeles since 1976.

Early in his career he fought for Los Angeles landowners and advised the Port of Long Beach in suits against Exxon, forcing it to abandon unneeded oil wells, improve maintenance of hundreds of unsightly working ones and to return the Sunland Oilfields to their natural state.

More recently he publicly pressured the Housing Department to better inform tenants living in rent control buildings of available relocation funding. His lobbying efforts helped draft a law increasing relocation fees to $9,040 and $17,040 for tenants displaced from rent-controlled units because of a change of building use.

He has also been fighting in court on behalf of the evicted tenants at Lincoln Place who were thrown into the street in breach of a legally binding ‘no eviction’ promise while the Mayor and City Attorney stood aside and did nothing.

As an advocate for housing, Noel was instrumental in seeing that a program for tenants to buy the apartment buildings they live in, TOPA, was included in the city’s most recent Housing Plan.

As your Los Angeles City Attorney, Noel will fight in the public interest and use the administrative power of the City Attorney for all Angelenos – without exception.

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