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Hundreds of “Kiosks” Invading LA

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The City is in the process of installing 500 “kiosks” throughout our neighborhoods.  They are enormous, three-sided stand-alone advertising objects and they destroy the character of our streetscapes and block various viewing angles.

As City Attorney, Noel will advise the 15 City Councilmembers on the best ways to legally fight electronic billboards, pillars, kiosks, supergraphics, and other advertising blight, and Noel will also make sure that the City’s laws are being followed by the billboard companies.

One of the reasons Noel is running for City Attorney is to stop the wallpapering of our neighborhoods with all of this visual noise, before it’s too late.

To see pictures of PILLARS, which are even LARGER, click here.

Noel On The Issues

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SB1818 – Density Bonus & Developer Incentives Law
Passed By City Council

El Sereno Housing Tract Project


The People or City Officials?

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