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The Platform

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Noel Weiss ( # 44 ) is running for City Attorney so the City returns to a positive course. Angelenos must have greater, meaningful input into what happens in and to their neighborhoods. Noel will make the system work for the people. Noel has a proven record of performance in working for our middle class and ‘the little guy’. The cozy relationships between the insiders and the politicians will end when Noel becomes City Attorney.

As City Attorney, Noel will:

1.  Encourage performance audits by the Controller every year;

2.  Publish a comprehensive year-end review which will clearly delineate the City Attorney’s budget, and how it is spent, including payments to outside counsel, litigation expenses, operating costs, and lawsuit payouts;

3.  Vigorously enforce billboard blight laws. I intend to be very aggressive on billboard blight and will support the broader public interest.

4.  Work closely with the Controller to put together a package of reforms which will protect whistle-blowers, preserve emails, and make public records requests of our officials a priority;

5.  Require that City documents be available to the public at least 3 days before any public hearing in front of City Council. I will also take steps to ensure that appellants in land use cases will have the final word at public comment to rebut the contentions of the Planning Department and the City Agencies often arrayed against them;

6.  Improve the Neighborhood Prosecutor program by teaming even more closely with business and task force groups. Together, we will shut down dozens of drug properties, put slumlords out of business, stop unlawful dumping, and attack graffiti.

7.  Organize a City Attorney Governance Task Force modeled on the Watts Gang Task Force and meet personally with citizens in each district on a revolving basis to shepherd ideas and develop a meaningful proactive agenda;

8.  Neighborhood Councils must be further empowered. I would use the City Attorney’s office to bring the common issues to the Council by issuing a City Attorney’s report reflective of these common concerns which would incorporate suggested practical and legal alternatives. Because a City Attorney’s report would result in the opening of a Council file, the City Council could then decide whether to hold hearings on such issues, both in Committee and before the full Council.

My Pledge is for Practical, Pro-Active, Positive, Progressive and Principled Governance.



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