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A Better Way to Govern LA
“The dream, to be valid, must be impossible. Not just difficult: Impossible,Which implies an ideal never attainable,
But nevertheless stubbornly to be pursued;A striving for what cannot be achieved,But still is worth the effort.”
–Dale Wasserman

March 6, 2009

My sincerest thanks go out to everyone whose support and efforts I have relied upon during these past few months. This campaign reinforced my belief in the power of ideas and the power of the people.

As to the future, my efforts to advocate for all Angelenos against the machinations of City Hall will continue. I plan to pursue projects that will allow me to continue the pursuit of equal representation for all Angelenos–our institutions must reinforce our core social values. Together we can, and will, continue to impact the public debate and come closer to the kind of excellence in governance which is reflective of the best of who we are and who we can be.

Thanks again to everyone!

-Noel Weiss

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